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MJA Martial Arts

Dealing With Summer Fun & Perseverance

Posted: June 04, 2019

Dealing with summer fun perseverance


Dear parents,

The summer months are fast approaching. Nice weather, outside activities and vacations - we all look forward to this time of year. We hope all of our MJA families will be enjoying their time on vacationing this summer. I would like to ask you to help us keep your children engaged and learn the importance of perseverance. Instructors and students say it in their pledge at the begining and end of every class " I will always practice & train hard. I will NEVER QUIT! Therefore I can achieve my next belt. I will someday achieve my black belt." The reason we do this is to get them in the habit of never quitting. When they learn this valuable life skill, they will continue this good habit in everything they do in school and life. During the summer months we change the format of our classes doing a lot more fun activities we call fun drills. We do this to disguise repetition, keeping the students from being bored. They still get the material they need to learn for their required belt test.

Things Parents & Caregivers Can Do to Help Their Child Learn Perseverance.

  • Don't let them quit - As parents, it is often very tempting to give in to our children when they want to quit something that becomes difficult for them.Let's face it, it's a struggle to get them mentally and physically prepared for an activity. There is often whining from the child about having to go, and there are often things you or your child might be more interested in doing. However, acquiecing to their desire to quit sends the wrong message. Help them learn the value of perseverance by having them continue trying..
  • Encourage them - Words of encouragement from a parent are some of the most impactful aspects of a child's life. Let them know you understand their challenges, want to help, and believe in their ability to overcome and succeed. Just knowing you care and believe in them can give them the motivation to persevere and succeed.
  • Provide them with examples of perseverance- Whether it is personal examples, stories about historical figures, friends and relatives. These examples will reinforce them in their karate classes, and your own encouragement to them.